Ergonomic Design

    • The SOLO portable diagnostic device offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience to dental and veterinary professionals. Equipped with an aiming light, the device ensures accurate x-ray imaging, particularly during surgical procedures. Weighing in at a mere 4 pounds, the ergonomic design of the SOLO provides ease of use while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Intuitive UI

      • The user-friendly interface facilitates the efficient adjustment of exposure time, enabling the acquisition of X-ray images of various teeth and anatomical regions in animals. This allows for customization to meet specific imaging requirements.

High Capacity Battery

    • The integrated charging cradle offers a practical and convenient charging solution, while the lithium-ion battery boasts a substantial lifespan. Rapid charging capabilities, with a full charge achieved in just one hour, ensure maximum uptime. On a full charge, the device is capable of performing up to 200 X-ray examinations. The removable battery can be charged both on the cradle and through a direct connection with a charging adapter, offering versatile and user-friendly charging options.

Advanced Radiation Safety

  • The internal design features a lead-wrapped generator and cone that effectively prevent radiation leakage. The external backscatter shield provides a further level of protection against radiation exposure. To ensure safe and controlled use, the device is equipped with a trigger safety and screen lock mechanism, preventing unintended X-ray exposure.

High Quality X-ray Images

  • The product specifications and weight of the product allow for high quality images to be rendered 

Product Specifications

Tube Voltage

70kV (fixed) 

Tube Current

1.7mA/2.0mA (fixed) 

Focal Spot

0.3 mm

Target Angle


Exposure Time

0.05 – 1.00 seconds

Total Filtration

3.0mmAl (Inherent Filtration: 2.0mmAl)


4 lbs (1.81 kgs)

Detector Compatability

Film/Digital Sensor/PSP

Power Supply

16.8 Vdc (rechargeable battery)