iRayD4 (ADX4000W)


Ergonomic Design

  • The ADX4000W’s compact design enables on-the-go diagnosis, providing versatility and flexibility in patient care. The 4.8″ TFT-LCD touch screen interface allows for straightforward configuration of settings, further enhancing ease-of-use. The device’s lightweight build, weighing in at less than 6 pounds, and strategically positioned exposure button make it effortless to capture X-Ray images.

Intuitive UI/All In One System

  • The exposure time can be precisely adjusted in increments of 0.01 or 0.1 seconds, providing a high degree of control for the user. 
  • After connecting the sensor to the device and acquiring X-ray images, the acquired X-Ray images can be immediately reviewed through the device’s intuitive interface, accessed by tapping the camera icon. The images can then be conveniently transferred to a computer through either wireless connectivity or USB transfer, offering flexibility in data management.
  • Patent No. 1007993140000, 1009411250000

High Capacity Battery

  • The charging cradle serves as a convenient and efficient platform for recharging the ADX4000W’s lithium battery, which boasts a long lifespan. A mere hour of charging time is sufficient to fully replenish the battery, capable of capturing up to 200 X-Ray images. The device’s automatic shut-down function reduces power consumption and maximizes battery efficiency, ensuring prolonged operational readiness.

Advanced Radiation Safety

    • The internal components of the ADX4000W have been engineered with safety as a top priority, featuring a lead-wrapped generator and cone to prevent any radiation leakage. An external back-scatter shield provides additional protection against radiation exposure. Patients are exposed to just 1/7th the radiation compared to conventional wall-mounted X-Ray machines. The device’s safety and reliability have been independently validated by the esteemed Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme, affirming its secure and trustworthy operation.

High Quality X-ray Images

  • The technical specifications, hand strap design, and lightweight build of the device are optimized to enable the production of high-quality X-Ray images.

Product Specifications

Tube Voltage

60kV (fixed) 

Tube Current

2.0mA (fixed) 

Focal Spot

0.8 mm

Target Angle


Exposure Time

0.05 – 1.35 seconds (can be changed in 0.01 second increments)

Total Filtration

Over 1.5mm AI (inherent filtration 0.8 mm AI) 


4.96 lbs (2.25 kgs)

Detector Compatability

Digital Sensor

Power Supply

DC 14.2-16.8V (rechargeable battery)