X-ray Portability at its Best: Advanced Technology on the Go

Innovating the Concept of Portable X-rays

About Our Company

Dexcowin offers innovative diagnostic solutions for human and animal patients across a wide range of industries. Initially, our products were primarily utilized in dentistry, but have since expanded to serve a broader range of medical specialties such as podiatry and orthopedics. Our solutions also extend to fields beyond medical care, including but not limited to veterinary medicine, forensics, security, and military. Our goal is to simplify diagnosis for medical professionals and enhance patient welfare by providing accessible diagnostic solutions, even in resource-limited environments.

Superior Quality

At Dexcowin, we prioritize both image quality and patient safety in our portable X-ray offerings. Our innovative design ensures that our X-ray devices produce clear and high-resolution images, while simultaneously minimizing radiation exposure for both patients and users.

Best Customer Service

At Dexcowin, customer-centricity is our top priority. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our valued clients. Our approach to device repair involves determining the underlying cause of malfunction, enabling us to provide targeted solutions that replace only the necessary components. This results in cost and time savings for our clients.

Constant Innovation

At Dexcowin, we are committed to driving progress and advancing our products. This is achieved through a continuous process of improvement and innovation, with the goal of delivering greater convenience and meeting the evolving needs of the market.

“I've been using this Dexcowin product for about eight to nine years straight and it's been a game changer for my office. It has not only reduced the radiation level dramatically for my patients from an old analog unit, but also is a time saver for my office because we can take the unit to any rooms and patients don't have to move to a separate X-ray room to have their X-rays taken.”

Dr. Jeffrey J Kim DDS

Sunshine Dental 




The first portable, and battery-powered X-ray device, designed with a lightweight and intuitive interface for convenient and effortless usage


All-in-one system provides users with the ability to take X-ray images and view them immediately on the integrated LCD screen


COCOON was engineered to fulfill the evolving market requirements with superior specifications compared other to products in the market


A highly specialized, portable X-ray device designed for use in the medical and veterinary industries, producing clear images 


A new portable, gun-style X-ray device, revolutionizing the industry as the first of its kind to feature an aiming light, enabling users to accurately target the desired area for X-ray imaging


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