iRayA6 (ADX6000FB)


Ergonomic Design

  • The compact and portable ADX6000FB enables medical professionals to deliver efficient diagnosis to patients on a round-the-clock basis. The inclusion of an aiming light enhances the accuracy of the X-ray images taken.

  • The lightweight design, weighing only 7.5 pounds, and its camcorder-like appearance offer a safe, effortless, and convenient X-ray imaging experience.

Intuitive UI

  • The user-friendly interface provides an effortless method for setting the exposure time. Depending on the selected exposure time, users are able to obtain either skull or chest X-ray images.

High Capacity Battery

  • The Li-ion battery features a prolonged lifespan and offers exceptional performance. The battery can be fully charged within a mere two hours. The ADX6000FB boasts a high-capacity battery, capable of producing up to 300 X-ray images on a single full charge. The integrated automatic shut down feature minimizes power consumption, thereby maximizing the battery’s overall capacity.

Safety Measures

  • The lead infused back scatter shield absorbs radiation that is emitted, decreasing the amount of radiation both the user and patient receive. Compared to wall mounted x-rays, patient receive 1/7 less radiation.
  • The generator and cone are wrapped with lead, preventing radiation leakage
  • The ADX6000FB has been deemed a secure device for operation by esteemed professionals, including Professor David M. Hamby, a renowned health physics expert at Oregon State University

High Quality X-ray Images

  • The ADX6000FB boasts advanced specifications that allow for the production of high-resolution images. Its compact size and versatile capabilities make it suitable for a variety of applications, including mobile health assessments, ambulance use, nursing homes, military field operations, forensic laboratories, orthopedic and podiatric practices, and veterinary medicine. The wide range of potential usage scenarios further highlights the versatility and utility of this cutting-edge device.

Product Specifications

Tube Voltage

50-80 kV (adjustable)

Tube Current

1-5 mA (adjustable) 

Focal Spot

0.8 mm

Target Angle


Exposure Time

0.05 – 1.5 seconds

Total Filtration

More than 3.1 mmAI (at 80 kV) 


8.4 lbs (3.8 kgs)

Detector Compatability

Compatible with all detectors 

Power Supply