AllMyT Stand

Mobile X-ray Stand

Special Features

The AllMyT Stand distinguishes itself through its unique features and benefits. Its simple assembly and lack of requirement for ceiling-mounted rails make it an economical solution for facilities with limited infrastructure. The stand also offers exceptional versatility with its extensive vertical travel range and space-saving design, making it ideal for various medical specialties including orthopedics and podiatry. Its easily adjustable arms further enhance its versatility and range of applications

Specifications (Orthopedics)

  • Minimum Height of the Stand: 58″
  • Maximum Height of the Stand: 66″
  • Minimum Height of Stand with Device Attached: 34″
  • Maximum Height of Stand with Device Attached: 55″
  • Angles: 0°-180°
  • Recommended Shooting Distance: 43″

Specifications (Podiatry)

  • Height (fully folded arm): 43″
  • Height (fully extended arm): 32″
  • Length (fully folded arm): 16″
  • Length (fully extended arm): 50″
  • Angles: 0°-180°


Example Images

Clinical Output Using the AllMyT Stand