Rex² Sensors

Rex² Premium Intra Oral Sensors

Premium Sensor

The Rex² is every dentist’s sensor of choice. With more than 20,000 users worldwide, the Rex2 does not compromise on quality. To be able to render an image, the Rex2 only requires a minuscule amount of radiation to be exposed onto the patients or animals that are having their X-ray taken. The Rex2 is versatile and the software allows the user to adjust the image’s brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness. These adjustments allow for a more accurate diagnosis. The Rex2 and its USB connection option allow images that are captured to be seen easily and conveniently. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.

Built to Last

The Rex² sensor is built to last. Durability and comfort are built into every Rex2 sensor. Rigorous testing of the Rex2 ensures durability and reliability.

High Resolution Image Quality

Every image that is produced by the Rex² is of the highest resolution. These high resolution images allow users to see everything from implants to enamel density. The Rex2 provides more accurate diagnoses which in turn provides better treatment plans for patients. The Rex²’s high spatial resolution allows users to see minute details in images. The Rex² sensor does not need high radiation doses to render images. The low dose in turn reduces noise in the images so that crystal clear images can be produced every time. The Rex² software allows users to store images in every patient’s respective file. 

Advanced Safety

The Rex² delivers exceptional imaging quality while minimizing radiation exposure to both the patient and the operator. This commitment to safety is achieved through the use of advanced technology that ensures the lowest possible radiation levels during X-ray procedures.

Twain Driver

The Twain Driver ensures seamless compatibility between the Rex² and all prevalent intraoral or veterinary software. This allows operators to continue using their preferred software without the need for any changes or disruptions.