Ergonomic Design

COCOON is designed with a gun-style trigger, providing ergonomic handling and ease of use. The device is lightweight, weighing less than 5 pounds, making it convenient for on-the-go applications. Its UV coated case ensures easy maintenance and cleaning, further adding to its practicality and functionality.

Intuitive UI

  • COCOON offers advanced functionality, including the ability to dynamically adjust exposure time based on the specific body part being imaged. Users have the option to choose from a variety of detectors to suit their specific needs. The control panel provides intuitive and user-friendly control over various features and settings. The device also features voice guidance, providing support and alerts during operational procedures, ensuring safe and effective use.

High Capacity Battery

  • COCOON features a charging cradle that provides a convenient platform for recharging. The long-lasting Li-battery has a low discharge rate, ensuring a prolonged life cycle. The battery can be fully charged in just one hour, providing ample power to take up to 600 X-rays on a single charge. The device also features an automatic shut down function that optimizes power consumption, maximizing battery capacity and extending operational time.

Advanced Radiation Safety

  • COCOON has been designed with safety as a top priority, both internally and externally. The lead-wrapped generator and cone ensure complete protection against radiation leakage. The back scatter shield provides external protection against radiation exposure. The device also features trigger safety and screen lock functions, which prevent accidental or unwanted X-ray exposure. The device has been extensively evaluated and deemed secure for operation by esteemed professionals, including Professor David M. Hamby, a renowned health physics expert at Oregon State University.

High Quality X-ray Images

  • The product’s specifications are designed to facilitate the production of high-resolution images.

See COCOON in Action

Product Specifications

Tube Voltage

70kV (fixed) 

Tube Current

1.7mA/2.0mA (fixed) 

Focal Spot

0.4 mm

Target Angle


Exposure Time

0.05 – 1.35 seconds (can be changed in 0.01 second increments)

Total Filtration

Over 2.3 mm AI (inherent filtration 1.0 mm AI) 


4.9 lbs (2.2 kgs)

Detector Compatability

Film/Digital Sensor/PSP

Power Supply

16.8V (rechargeable battery)