iRayD3 (DX3000)


Ergonomic Design

  • The DX3000 represents a milestone in X-Ray technology, having been introduced in 2004 as the first battery-powered, handheld device of its kind. Its ergonomic design features left and right exposure buttons, as well as hand straps, enabling single-handed operation. Despite its compact and lightweight build, weighing in at just three pounds, the camera-style design provides ease-of-use and unparalleled convenience.

Intuitive UI

  • The user-friendly interface of the system facilitates efficient setting of the exposure time, enabling users to capture either incisor or molar X-Ray images with precision. The ability to set the exposure time serves as the foundation for accurate image acquisition.

High Capacity Battery

  • The charging cradle serves as a convenient platform for replenishing the device’s power, with the lithium battery boasting a long lifespan. A mere hour of charging time results in a full battery capacity, capable of capturing up to 500 X-Ray images. To conserve battery life, the device is equipped with an automatic shut-down function that reduces power consumption and maximizes battery efficiency.

Advanced Radiation Safety

  • The internal components of the DX3000 have been meticulously designed for safety, featuring a lead-wrapped generator and cone to prevent any radiation leakage. An additional back-scatter shield provides protection against external radiation exposure. Patients are exposed to just 1/7th the radiation compared to conventional wall-mounted X-Ray machines. The device’s safety features have been independently validated by prominent health physics expert Professor David M. Hamby of Oregon State University, affirming its secure and reliable operation.

High Quality X-ray Images

  • The technical specifications  of the device are optimized to facilitate the production of high-quality X-Ray images.

Product Specifications

Tube Voltage

60kV/65kV (fixed) 

Tube Current

1.7mA/2.0mA (fixed) 

Focal Spot

0.8 mm

Target Angle


Exposure Time

0.05 – 1.35 seconds (can be changed in 0.05 second increments)

Total Filtration

Over 2.3 mm AI (inherent filtration 0.8 mm AI) 


4.40 lbs (2.00 kgs)

Detector Compatability

Film/Digital Sensor/PSP

Power Supply

DC 14.2-16.8V (rechargeable battery)